It was all a dream until I woke up in my bed the next morning and saw the wad of cash tucked in the corner of my bag.   It had been a long night and I was tired but the comfort of having some money to show for my whereabouts I guess, is where becoming an escort began…

The Call

1.50am on a Tuesday night, I had taken my phone with me to the bathroom as I was paranoid I’d not heard anything from the Agency all night (I had been on call since 8pm).  I was slowly getting myself ready for bed, PJ’s and now on to teeth.  Knowing I was still ‘available’ until 2am, I left my make-up and then my phone went.  A txt message came through with asap booking at the Jumeirah Carlton Knightsbridge for 1hr with Mr x (let’s call him).

I couldn’t quite believe it.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing other than I had to move!  Staple outfit of black dress, heels and long coat on and set my sat nav to give the agency an eta.  Driving in London at night is a treat, you can park anywhere and the roads are clear.  Make up touched up at minimal traffic lights and I was out of the car opening the door of the hotel.  The lobby was busy although I can’t help but think I must have stood out a little as it was not ‘normal’ hours to be doing business.

Showing up

I pretended I was talking on the phone as I sauntered through reception.  From a previous business meeting (day job), I knew where the bar was so I headed across the lobby hoping to find some lifts on route.  I was up and away to the 8th floor.  I will never forget the feeling of walking out of those doors and along the corridor to the room.  Completely high on adrenaline, I had not thought anything through further than what I needed to get me to the next step.  The unknowing was euphoric, the possibilities were endless.

Not entirely new…

A conversation not long before with some friends I used to dance with (pole dance), reminisced about ‘that’ feeling, that prettiness.  Something now missed.  The low lighting, the beautiful lingerie, the fake tan and eyelashes and most of all, being looked at as a beautiful creature..  This was a world of fantasy but it didn’t take away from the feeling that when you were there and dancing, it was all very real.

This was different.  I was on my own, independent and there was no music playing or mini handbag to carry in my perspex platforms or underwear/long dress to rearrange every few minutes even check where I’d thrown my nickers (:p).  I was in a whole new role.  Before I realised, the door was open and a youngish dark-haired guy appeared in a towel.  I must have looked so nervous!  ‘Eyes, tits and teeth’ as my show-item dad used to joke.  Little did he know!  Instructions were now running through my head with the formalities; set up the room – towel on the bed, low lights, room should be warm and light the candles.  I confirmed the booking and took the cash headed for the bathroom to freshen up.  A quick time check before starting our massage and time had already flown.

On the job

Erotic massage was why I was there and that was my role, a rub and tug.  I was not prepared to be propositioned after he turned on his back and I started working on his front.  That was not something I offered I explained politely.  It really wasn’t.  He said he would pay me £200.  Again this was not on my menu but my god, none of this was on my menu!  I looked at him and he seemed genuine in his eyes, no messing about.  I felt comfortable with my positioning and he was very attractive (something that would later confuse me in other bookings).

He had a condom as I said I would be prepared to if we used one but that was it.  I felt quite mixed as he entered me, a flood of thoughts came to my mind and I was a little lost in the experience.  I was also very present, the strangest of feelings.    Before I knew it (and with very little effort), it was all over.  I cleaned up our space and re-showered.  I don’t remember leaving other than to clock out with the agency upon leaving and I can’t recall the drive home.  The client and I hadn’t talked much which, from more experience keeps it even more detached – entirely physical.

The next day

And there I was the next morning.  What had I done, who was I and how did I feel?.. Needless to say, my escorting days are not over yet.  I am very much here and still asking these questions regularly with evolving angles of where I am in life.  Becoming an Escort has changed my life and I have a multitude of experiences from ‘on the job’; cum on my eyelash, a client coming in his own eye (!!), a security guard knocking fiercely at the hotel room door, fire alarms, a bodyguard or two escorting me (!!) and a sprinkling of touring Royals.  Personally, I have a new business alongside travels and some emergency savings in the bank.  I don’t intend to look back, only increase my intrinsic value